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NYSIF Disability and Paid Family Leave Benefits
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Get your NYSIF disability benefits and paid family leave insurance quote in minutes!

Per New York State law, employers are required to provide short-term disability benefits (DB) and paid family leave (PFL) insurance for their employees. NYSIF offers employers combined DB and PFL coverage to meet this requirement. NYSIF DB insurance covers employees’ off-the-job injuries and illnesses, while NYSIF PFL coverage provides employees with paid time off from work to care for their families.

Within moments of completing your quote request, you will receive a reference number and an annual premium estimate for NYSIF DB and PFL insurance. Please note that receiving this quote does not guarantee coverage for NYSIF disability and paid family leave benefits insurance, nor does submitting an online application bind coverage. You must submit a completed application and provide a premium deposit to bind coverage.

All policies require underwriting approval. Please allow 10-14 days for your DB/PFL policy to become effective.

Please note that the Department of Financial Services sets the PFL premium rate annually. Quotes generated today reflect current-year PFL premium rates. However, policies will be billed at the new annual rate for all days of coverage after January 1 of the upcoming year.

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